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       Another passion of mine, alongside performing, is in music education. For more than a decade I've had the pleasure of teaching drum set, percussion and ensemble playing to students of all ages and levels of experience. My lessons are personalized and tailored for each individual student. Though they are centered on the fundamentals of developing proficiency on an instrument (technical facility, reading, listening/ear training, learning how to practice etc), the core of my teaching philosophy, and what underscores each and every lesson is my belief that when students are able to find the joy in the process of learning they will excel. Beginning a practice in music was one of the most joyful, exciting and rewarding experiences in my life and I define success as an educator by my ability to foster that kind of atmosphere for my students, no matter their level of experience. 


       I'm currently accepting drum set, darbuka, riq, and frame drum students in New York City as well as remotely via zoom, facetime and skype. I have a studio in  Gowanus, Brooklyn with two drum sets and a collection of percussion instruments from all over the world. I offer multi lesson packages for a discounted rate. 

       I've had the opportunity to study with some musicians who I consider to be some of the best in the  world on both drum set and percussion. These teachers include John Riley (Manhattan School of Music), Leon Anderson Jr. (Florida State University), Zohar Fresco, Yshai Afterman, Bassam Saba and Michel Merhej (Fairuz). These were all treasured experiences for me and I find a lot of value in continuing to pass along the knowledge of these wonderfully rich traditions on to my students. 


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